High Performance Engines Ltd. was founded in 1964 by Bud Child. An engine builder by trade, Bud started his first shop (Engines Unlimited) on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC. In 1971, he moved the shop to a new 8000 sq ft  building in Burnaby, BC. The new shop contained a warehouse for parts and a full machine shop. Later, Bud decided to get out of the parts business, move to their current location, and focus on what he did best....machine and build engines.

Bud's first name choice when he went to incorporate the business was Engines Unlimited Ltd. but for whatever reason, the Provincial Registrar would not allow it. This is when High Performance Engines Ltd. was born.

Over the years, High Performance Engines has sponsored winning Oval Track Cars, Drag Race Cars and Drag Boats. Some of these Drag Cars and Drag Boats have been over  220+ MPH in the 1/4 Mile.

Bud is now long retired. However, the business reigns were handed over to his son, Dave, in 1994. Currently, Dave Child, his son Stephen Child, Chris "T-Bone" Trenholme, and Dave Cummins carry on the tradition of precision machining and quality engine building that High Performance Engines is know for.